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* Thinking About Factoring (definition, common factor, GCF) blacktriangle

Factoring the Difference of Two Squares (a2 - b2), conjugate pairs blacktriangle

Factoring Perfect Square Trinomials (a + b)2 and (a - b)2 blacktriangle

Trinomial Factoring Part 1 ( a = 1 for ax2 + bx + c) blacktriangle
Trinomial Factoring by Grouping (when a = 1) (to see how factoring develops) blacktriangle
Factoring Completely (summary of steps in factoring) blacktriangle

Trinomial Factoring Part 2 ( a ≠ 1 for ax2 + bx + c, "trial and error")
Trinomial Factoring by Grouping (a ≠ 1, "split middle", "ac" method), grouping  
Factoring by Grouping with a Grid Box  
Trinomial Factoring "Slide and Divide" Method (a ≠ 1, "slip and slide")  

Factoring Higher Powers (combining methods, substitution method)  

Zeros of Polynomials (Zero Product Property) blacktriangle
  Zeros of Polynomial Functions blacktriangle
Factors and Graphing Polynomials blacktriangle
Trinomials Not Factorable blacktriangle


Factoring Common Factors Practice blacktriangle

Factoring Difference of Perfect Squares blacktriangle

Factoring Mixed Practice 1 (a = 1) blacktriangle
Factoring Applications 1 (a = 1) blacktriangle

Factoring Trinomials Practice (a ≠1)  
Factoring Applications 2 (all styles)  

Zeros of Polynomials blacktriangle